As parents, we share our wisdom. As partners, we share a life. As friends, we share our wildest dreams. But seldom do we ever share our final wishes.

We avoid the emotional topic when we should recognize funeral preplanning for what it truly is – a kind, selfless act that relieves grieving family and friends of the planning burden, prevents arguments over details and choices, saves loved ones from emotional and financial overspending and frees them to celebrate your life.

So why not start creating your plan now? Funeral preplanning isn’t difficult. By using the simple four-step process of Reflect, Record, Share and Support, you can start sharing your wishes today.


Think about what you want for your final arrangements. Download the Share Your Wishes Reflection Journal to guide you through some considerations that may help you identify what your final wishes are.


Write down your wishes. After you’ve decided on what you want your final arrangements to be, download the Share Your Wishes Preplanning Worksheet and put your thoughts on paper.


After you’ve recorded your wishes, it’s important to let your loved ones know what they are. Give them a copy of your Share Your Wishes Preplanning Worksheet. They’ll appreciate that you’ve spared them the burden of making these decisions.


If you choose, support your plans with reliable funding. Take your Share Your Wishes Preplanning Worksheet with you as you interview funeral providers to determine the one that’s right for you.

Using these four simple steps, you’ll be on your way to creating your funeral plan and sharing your wishes. Coming soon, an enhanced Share Your Wishes website will be a complete educational resource for end-of-life planning. Check back often for exciting interactive site updates.